Thinking Out Loud #2

migraines / bizarre goings on / horror films / pilates / finishing the living room


Disclaimer: this has taken me all day to write, from my bed, using my phone, thanks to day two of a migraine. I’ve read it through this evening now I’m feeling better, but I’m still a bit wibbly, so apologies for any errors or things that just plain don’t make sense!

Since I haven’t been able to do much of anything except sleep, I’ve had plenty of time to think. So I’m linking up with Amanda from Running With Spoons for another Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

  • I suppose the biggest thing on my mind today, and in my head, is migraines. This is my second one since last Wednesday. The first was mostly just visual, with a bit of a fizzy (not a typo) head. It’s been so long since I last had a migraine that it took me a while to twig what was happening. The current one is worse. No light show, but all the pain and nausea. And the dreams… Such bizarre, twisted dreams when I doze off! It’s a bit upsetting to have to shut out the bright sunlight today when we don’t see enough of it in this part of the world. I have my suspicions about what’s caused the migraines to come back, so hopefully I can get them sorted.
  • A funny thing happened outside my house the other day. Alex and I had just got home and parked the car. When he got out and said “****”, my first reaction was to wonder whether the rattly exhaust had just fallen off my car. But no.
    Thinking Out Loud #2
    “There’s a turkey”

    Not what you expect to find on the verge of a car park, but there was indeed a turkey. She was in the bushes, which lead down a slope into a bit of a thicket before breaking out onto the main road. She didn’t look like she had plans to go anywhere, but we were concerned in case she did run into the road.
    There’s a smallholding behind our house, so Alex phoned the owner to ask if it was his bird. No, he doesn’t keep turkeys. Our neighbours have chickens, so we thought we’d ask them just in case she was theirs. They weren’t home, so we kept an eye on the turkey from our window, and when the neighbours came home Alex knocked on their door. Not their turkey. But they went out and caught her, and took her home to look after until the owner could be found.
    That was a few days ago, and we still don’t know whose bird she is or how she came to be there.

  • I really want to work on the look of my blog a bit more. I can’t justify paying to upgrade/host it, so I want to see what I can do to make it a bit funkier and more visually pleasing. I need to work on my banner image, because the current one isn’t doing it for me. Doesn’t really represent what I want it to show, but it’s a good placeholder for now.
  • Another funny thing happened yesterday. A house two doors up from us is for sale. Who did we spot yesterday evening, just coming out from a viewing, but one of Alex’s ex-colleagues. Turns out he likes the house a lot and was going to put in an offer today.
    It would be so cool if he gets it. Not only would it be great for Alex to have a friend living close by (all our friends live miles away), but we’d also know we were getting a good neighbour move into the street. My fingers are firmly crossed that his offer is accepted!
  • It FollowsWe watched It Follows the other night. Oh, such a good film! Best horror I’ve seen in ages. I’m surprised the IMDb user rating isn’t higher because so many people recommended it to us. The creep factor was high; I’m glad I didn’t have to sleep alone after watching that! Less really is more with horror films. If you like a good, suspenseful film, check it out.
  • While I’m on the subject of horror films, I see they’ve released the first image of Pennywise from the new film of Stephen King’s It. If you have coulrophobia, maybe don’t click through to see it here…
    I think Bill Skarsgård looks suitably menacing. I’ve vowed not to compare this film to my beloved mini-series, so I will not compare him to Tim Curry’s Pennywise.
    I am disappointed to read that it’s now set in the ’80s instead of the ’50s, but I can understand wanting the adults’ story to be set in the current day, so I suppose it had to change.
  • I need to start doing Pilates again. I know my body hurts at the moment because of the migraine and because I’ve been lying down too long, but I’ve had general aches and pains for a while and Pilates was always my go-to for sorting those out. I can’t wait until the spare bedroom is finished (plasterer is coming next month!) so we can move clothes and boxes out of the gym room and make some space for proper workouts.
  • And talking of rooms being finished – our living room pretty much is!
    It’s taken a lot of time and work, and we couldn’t have done it without help from our families, but at last we have a proper floor, skirting boards, and everything is neat! Alex still wants to make a cupboard to hide the fugly gas meter (not visible in these photos but thanks, previous owner, for having it put in the living room instead of the utility area or outside). We’re also going to paint the window frames and make some floating shelves for the alcoves. We’ve bought some frames to turn the fireplace wall into a picture wall, and enjoyed choosing the photos we want printed to go in them. Just need to actually get them printed and framed. This is the fun part of renovating a house!


    Thinking Out Loud #2
    Photo from estate agent’s website


    Thinking Out Loud #2
    Ninja snuck into the photo there

    Thinking Out Loud #2

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Do you experience migraines? If so, do you know what triggers yours?
Has anything strange happened to you recently?
What was the last really good movie you watched?