World Meat Free Day revisited. And I’m injured.



As the title suggests, I’m out of action. I suspect the problem is with my Achilles. I was meant to be seeing a doctor today, but woke to a text message from the surgery saying my appointment has been cancelled without explanation. I really need to change to a different surgery, because this happens far too often.

Anyhow, that’s meant no running and, aside from limping around at work, no walking this week. Combined with a shedload of problems in other areas of my life, it’s led to me having no drive to do anything productive at all. I’ve come home from work every night late because of traffic, stressed to the teeth, and just eaten junk food in front of the TV.

I’m going to use this weekend to try to just relax and reset my brain, as well as rest my stupid injury. I have a 10k coming up in a fortnight, so I need to get it sorted.

And now, a quick nod to World Meat Free Day last Monday. I meant to do a full-blown recap the day after, but Tuesday was really the start of my bad week and I thought if I couldn’t say anything nice, best not to say anything at all.

You see, I encountered a lot of negativity on Monday regarding World Meat Free Day. Personally, I didn’t find anything about the World Meat Free Day website preachy or pushy. If I had, I can guarantee I wouldn’t have been into it at all. I hate being preached at, whatever the topic. I’ve cut people off mid-sentence, unfollowed many people on social media, turned off documentaries, and stopped reading articles that I feel are trying to push something onto me or guilt me into doing (or not doing) something.
I felt that the whole thing was presented as more of a suggestion and a way of raising awareness of the difference people could make to the planet and to their own health. I found it interesting. Of course, how other organisations and individuals chose to present it may have come across differently.
Anyhow, that made me reluctant to tackle a blog post earlier this week.

How did my meat-free day go? Pretty well.

Breakfast was easy. I rarely eat meat with my breakfast; a bowl of cereal with strawberries (from my garden – so delicious), cocoa nibs and coconut milk is my usual breakfast at the moment.

Lunch was supposed to be mango and black bean salad. Slight hitch – I couldn’t get black beans. Welcome to the Valleys… I stood in the kitchen, running out of time to make something before I had to be somewhere, totally uninspired. I ended up throwing together a bowl of pasta with pesto, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts. It was delicious.

My snack was a Cadbury’s Caramel donut, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Dinner was my favourite meal of the day. I’d been looking forward to trying this dish since reading about it in this post on Peanut Butter Runner’s blog. Avocado and scrambled egg on toast…with sauerkraut. I hadn’t been able to get hold of sauerkraut, despite trying three different shops, but my parents got me a jar when they went shopping, so I could finally try the meal. It was amazing. I love it! So much, in fact, that I’ve had it twice more since. If I leave off the eggs, I can make it at work for my lunch. I’d forgotten how much I love sauerkraut. Fun fact: the first time I ever had it was on a hot dog on Main Street at Disneyland Paris.

So delicious!
All in all, an excellent food day, and easy to avoid eating meat for 24 hours. I often have days where I accidentally don’t eat meat, but I’ll be making more of a conscious effort to plan meat-free days more often.

Now I’m going to make another conscious effort to get myself back on track with exercise. I may not be able to walk properly, or stand for long, but I can grab some dumbbells and do some seated upper body work.

I’ll probably do it whilst listening to Yazz & The Plastic Population to try and remind myself that yes, the only way is up. Oh yes, I did…