UKRunChat Squat Challenge – Week 1

Working to get stronger


It’s been a year, maybe longer, since I discovered UKRunChat on Twitter. It’s a wonderful thing. A community of runners, from all walks of life and all ability levels, who share experiences, advice and motivate each other. No bitching, no drama, just people encouraging and raising each other up.

During last Sunday’s UKRunChat hour (8-9pm, come and join us tonight using #ukrunchat), the discussion turned to strength training to help with running. A small group of us decided to start the 30 Day Squat and Lunge Challenge.

UKRunChat Squat & Lunge Challenge

Alright, I’m not currently running very much because my health is all over the place, but it can’t hurt to do a few squats and lunges to tune up ready for when I can run regularly again.

I set a recurring alarm on my phone for the evenings so that I would remember to do it. I need reminders for everything.

It’s 7 days since the challenge began, and here’s how my week went:

Monday – 15 squats, 10 forward lunges (each leg). Easy peasy. I didn’t go too deep into the movements and focused more on form. Lunges were wobbly, because my balance is terrible.

Tuesday – 20 squats, 15 lunges. Easy again. This time I went deeper. Somehow managed to not fall over doing the lunges.

Wednesday – Enforced rest day due to migraine.

Thursday – Ditto.

Friday – 10 squat jumps, 20 lunges. Urgh. A day behind the plan, and still not on form thanks to two days being ill. But the squat jumps were surprisingly fun.

Saturday – 20 squats, 25 lunges. They were fine. The lunges were tedious – 25 on each leg takes a while. Later in the day I did my catch-up to bring me up to date with the schedule: 15 squat jumps, 25 lunges. Again, squat jumps fun but lunges not so much, even though I was a lot steadier.

Sunday – 25 squats, 30 lunges. I was feeling the effects of a double day, but loosened up beforehand and got the exercises done.

Thanks to the others doing the challenge for being so encouraging and motivating!

Bring on the next week!

Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

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