Thinking Out Loud #1

10k without training / taking photos for your blog / ‘shedding for the wedding’ / choices / good things in sport


Very little running or fitness to report this week, so let’s try something different!

Thinking Out Loud is something I came across when I started following Running With Spoons. It is what it says. So here are the things that have been wandering through my mind today.

  • Something I’m curious to ask my fellow bloggers about, so I tweeted earlier. Were you embarrassed to be taking lots of photos when you first started blogging?
    I went to a lovely restaurant on Tuesday night and I wanted to take a few photos of the décor and the food so I could share on the blog. I just couldn’t bring myself to get up and do it, though. If you were embarrassed to be taking photos at first, how did you get over it?
    • ‘Shedding for the wedding’ is a phrase I’ve only just become aware of. But as soon as I’d read it once on a blog, it was everywhere. I don’t like it. This idea that it’s just what you do now, you lose weight before your wedding. But I can’t deny it’s exactly what I am doing. I’m not getting married until 2018, but I know that by then I want to be considerably more comfortable in my skin than I am now. Yes, that means losing weight. A few months ago I was the heaviest I recall being in my adult life. I hate it. I’m uncomfortable all the time, my confidence has taken a nosedive since the weight started going on a couple of years ago, and none of my clothes fit anymore. My goal isn’t really to be skinny by the time I get married. It’s just to be comfortable and confident again. I don’t know how much weight I’ll have to lose to get to that point, but I know I’ve been there before, so I’ll recognise it when I get there. Added bonus: not hating the way I look in my wedding photos, because I currently want to cry when I see photos of myself.
    • Similar theme for my next musing. This is very much on my mind at the moment. I’m being kind to myself and giving myself choices. I realised a little while ago that choices were the key to my success at giving up pork. Not once since I decided I don’t want to eat pigs anymore have I told myself I must not eat something. My mindset was simply ‘I don’t eat pork’. No ‘can’t’ or ‘mustn’t’. When I went out to dinner earlier this week, I fancied mussels as a starter, then noticed there was bacon in the sauce. I didn’t think ‘I can’t have that’; I told myself I could have it if I wanted it. But I didn’t want it. I think giving myself similar choices will be very helpful to my weight loss. It’s something I’ve not done before when trying to lose weight, so I’m interested to see how it goes.
  • I have a 10k run coming up on Saturday morning. I haven’t trained. Between problems with my ankle and the dreaded piriformis syndrome, I’ve barely run lately. I feel like I’m really not ready to take on a 10k. I feel like I’m crazy to be going ahead with it. But at the same time, I’m excited about it. I’m running (as those of you who’ve read some of my previous entries will know) with my best friend. We did a 5k colour run a fortnight ago, which was great fun. We’ll be doing this 10k with her 6-month-old baby in the buggy, so there’s not a great deal of pressure to be fast. It’s a flat course, and we’ll be Jeffing (using the Jeff Galloway walk/run method). We won’t be running to get a good time; we’ll be running to have a good time.
  • Final thought. I dislike football a lot. Tennis bores me senseless. But I hear Vassos’s sport updates on Radio 2 whilst driving to work and I have to say, Iceland… Well done, Iceland! And my colleague showed me a little of Marcus Willis at Wimbledon – he just seems to be full of joy. Like a puppy.

Anyway. That’s enough thinking out loud for today. I have packing to do, stretches to do for my piriformis muscle, and then I’m going to go and put together a CD for the drive to Llanelli tomorrow. Just for a start, I’m thinking Weezer, Cake, Bowie, Kylie Minogue, and Queen.

3 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #1”

  1. I can manage to take photos of my food while out and about now but I still feel incredibly silly having photos taken of me for the blog, or asking someone to take them.

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