Running again



What’s this? An actual blog post about running? No way!

I have, to put it mildly, been a bit crap these last few weeks. I ran twice last week. I ran once the week before, and the week before that. I haven’t been idle, I’ve walked and started back to strength training, but for several reasons I just haven’t run.

Last week was a good running week, though. I decided that since I was visiting my parents after work on Tuesday, I would take my running kit with me and go for a run along the canal path near their house. It’s one of the places I feel safe running alone, so that wouldn’t be an issue. Of course, after sitting in traffic, sweating like mad despite having the car windows open, I didn’t feel like running. It was only when my dad checked the traffic news and found that my route home was blocked by a collision that I decided I would go for the run after all.
I aimed for 2 miles, but my app had somehow reconfigured itself to kilometres. I’m not the greatest at maths on the fly, so I misjudged and came up short at 1.96 miles. I was thrilled to have run the whole distance, after such a lousy few weeks with no running time, and pretty pleased that I managed the first mile with a pace of 11:23, and the whole run with an average of 12:04.

Wednesday is the day I usually run with a group of ladies from work, but last Wednesday I was the only person up for it. I didn’t fancy running alone around the area I work, so I headed to my parents’ house to change and run the canal path again, determined to make it to 2 miles this time. I made it to 2.33 miles, and managed an average pace of 12:06.

Since then, I let things get in the way. The heat – I’m not used to it at all, let alone running in it. It’s aggravated my asthma, making things that much more difficult. Anxiety has played a large part in keeping me from running. More about that in a future post, but for now it’s enough to say that some days I just can’t get out of the front door to run because of it. My birthday on the weekend meant cake and booze, rather than exercise, and I just haven’t been able to get back into the mindset.

I left the house today with my running kit in my bag, and although I had to be somewhere after work so I couldn’t join my colleagues for a run, I once again changed at my parents’ house and went out, determined to get myself back into the habit.

The beautiful Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal
It was hard going. I promised myself that after the first mile I could stop and do run/walk intervals. I just had to get to the bridge that marked a mile… Then at the bridge I convinced myself to go to 1.5… I got there and saw a dog walker coming towards me, so told myself to just pass him and then I could stop. Then it was 2 miles. Then it was ‘go on, just beat that 2.33 you did last week’. But 2.33 is so close to 2.5… I made it, according to my Garmin, to 2.62 before I really did have to stop because my lungs were struggling to cope.

Maybe don’t look at the pace there, yeah?
Since getting back home, a stinking, sweaty mess (who wants to look pristine after a workout, anyway?), I’ve caught up with social media and discovered that today is Best Friends Day. Knowing that, I can’t pass up a shout out to my best friend, Liz. We’ve known each other for almost 13 years, since meeting at university, and stuck together through thick and thin. Check out her blog, Lizitivity. It’s bloomin’ good.

In all our years of friendship, with both of us having an interest in fitness and running, we’ve never once worked out together. That’s going to change next weekend – we’re running together for the first time on Sunday at the Kolor Dash in Newport. This is my first event ever, and I can’t wait! We’ll be run/walking, as Liz has recently had a baby, and this is her first running event since.

We’re running for St David’s Foundation Hospice Care, a charity that’s very close to my heart, as they looked after my granddad in his last days. They do brilliant work supporting patients and families, so if you’d like to read more about their projects or sponsor us and contribute to the work they do, this is our fundraising link.

Now I think it’s time for me to relax with my newest Netflix obsession: Orange is the New Black. Despite thinking I wasn’t going to like it when I first put it on, I’m now halfway through the first series and hooked!


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    1. Thanks! Another destination to add to my USA wishlist! I’m gonna need a good few months there someday to visit everywhere on the list!

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