Goose eggs

…and the other highlights of this week.


One of the great things about our new house is that directly behind our garden is a smallholding. I love waking up hearing the chickens and geese, and it’s lovely to look out of the window and see them in the field. It’s also great that the owner sells us eggs. I eat a lot of eggs, and I love knowing they’ve come from the birds there. Truly free range. I’ve been a fan of duck eggs for a very long time, but never tried a goose egg. Until yesterday.

Alex managed to get us a goose egg each from the smallholding. Having done a little research, I’ve found that geese don’t lay often – only about 40 eggs per laying season. No wonder I’ve never seen one before.

Look at the size of this egg!

Goose eggs are much larger than chicken or duck eggs. I’d say these were almost three times the size of the chicken eggs we typically have. Their shells are very hard; I had to crack them with a knife, and the texture of the raw egg is a lot thicker than I expected.

We decided to try them very simply: scrambled on granary toast. I charred a couple of small orange peppers to go with mine. The scrambled goose egg was very rich in taste and texture. It was incredibly creamy and the sweet bite of the peppers was the perfect accompaniment to cut through that.

Perhaps I needed a smaller plate…

Goose eggs contain a lot of valuable minerals, including iron and selenium, and lots of vitamins, including B-12. However, they are high in cholesterol, so they’re best eaten as an occasional treat.

Next time we’re lucky enough to have them, I think I’ll try poaching. I imagine Yorkshire puddings or pancakes made with goose eggs would be fantastic.

Whilst the eggs were definitely the high point of my week (I’m easily pleased), I’ve also had a couple of nice things drop through the letterbox.

The first was my fitness instructor certificate. I should be far more excited about this than I am, but I qualified over six months ago and having to wait so long for the certificate has taken the shine off a little. Still, it’s nice to have it at last.

The second bit of post was my very first race number! It’s for the Tŷ Hafan Rainbow Run in July. That gave me a little boost. It hasn’t been a good running week fortnight and getting the number for one of the events I’m doing this summer has given me a little more motivation to get out for my next run.


What’s been the highlight of your week?
Have you ever tried goose eggs? If so, what’s your favourite way to cook them?


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