‘Enter a race’, they said.

‘It’ll give you motivation’, they said.


So I did. I entered four. Oops.

The first is the Kolor Dash at Tredegar Park in Newport. I signed up in January with my friend, Liz. I’ve always wanted to try a colour run, and
as the charity organising this one is very close to my heart, I decided to sign up. It’ll be my first running and fundraising event, and Liz’s first since having a baby. Although I did sign up so that it would motivate me to train, because it’s a fun event and not a timed one, there’s no pressure. If we want to run, we can run. If we want to walk some of it, we can walk. Plus there’s a BBQ at the end, which I’m already looking forward to!

colour run

A couple of days after signing up for the Kolor Dash, some friends asked if I wanted to join them for the Parc Bryn Bach Rainbow Run in July. Of course, I said yes! A couple of days later, we all signed up for a Pretty Muddy 5k run in the autumn. Two fun events ticked straight off my running wish list – a colour run and a mud run!

Then, a few weeks ago, Liz asked if I wanted to do the Sospan 10k in Llanelli. I’ve wanted to sign up for a 10k, but worried that I would be too slow or not able to finish. I decided to go for it. Liz and her husband will be running, and pushing their daughter in the buggy, so we’ll run together.

I’m looking forward to all four of these runs. I know that I can run the whole of the Kolor Dash, albeit slowly. Since the other two 5k runs are quite a long time after that, I know I’ll be ok for those. The 10k is the one I’m most apprehensive about. I think that if I hadn’t signed up with friends, I would struggle, but knowing they’ll be there not only gives me motivation to train but means that I won’t chicken out on the day and let them down.

What was your first organised event?
What races and events do you have coming up?


8 thoughts on “‘Enter a race’, they said.”

  1. My first organized event was a local 5K in Buffalo, New York. I have two half marathons this year! One in September (my first!) and one in October (I won a free entry through #RunChat!). Can’t wait!

  2. The events you’ve entered sound awesome. You’ll love the 10k. I can’t remember my first organised run but I have medals for both the 1990 Sutton Coldfield and Shenstone Fun Runs. Although I’ve got quite a few events (injury permitting) coming up, my target event for this year is the Great Birmingham Run in October. I’ve entered it three times before and have never made it to the start line due to various injuries. Fingers crossed it will be 4th time lucky!

    1. I’m crossing my fingers for you! It must be so frustrating to have missed it three times. Hopefully you’ll get there this year, and have a fab run!

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